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Weekend Wrap-Up


Hello my lovely readers! I was sitting here thinking about how crazy my week has been and I thought yours might have been too. This is the last week of our Christmas vacation and we’re supposed to start school on Monday…emphasis on “supposed to.” I mean, we’ll be doing school, but it’ll be out of boxes because I haven’t had the time to set up the school room yet. I’m still trying to unpack everyone’s clothes and set up their bedrooms. I realize this will be an ongoing process but it’s hard not to panic when there’s something that needs to be done in every single room of the house. (I just spent a good part of the afternoon looking up laundry room organizers for our MASSIVE amount of laundry we accumulate!) I ended up buying these:

Our cat box has also been moved to the laundry room, and I never realized how messy they were until I had cat litter and laundry mixed on the floor. Yeah…TOTALLY gross. So, I bought these today too:

I guess online shopping isn’t always glamorous! ha!

This week, I started a gratitude journal as part of my 365 Day Happiness Challenge! It felt good to be doing something positive and to be starting this challenge that I’ve been looking forward to! Read about the Challenge HERE and Day One HERE!


This week I finished my first book of  2018, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. So, you see, I’ve not been all work and NO play. I also tried out my jetted tub a couple times this week which was MAGICAL. ha!

I’ve been really obsessed with Pantone’s pick for 2018’s Color of The Year! Ultra Violet is unexpected and bold and I LOVE it. I first wrote about Butter London and their line of cosmetics in Ultra Violet HERE. I created two outfits with Ultra Violet on Polyvore and posted them HERE. And just yesterday, I talked about more fun ideas to incorporate Ultra Violet right now because I refuse to wait until spring to wear these fun colors! Read it HERE!

I’ve been wearing leggings as pants an awful lot since we’ve been working on the house so much. I swear, I have a new appreciation for them after all I’ve put them through this week! I posted about it HERE and also posted some recommended brands that won’t leave your assets exposed. ha!


And I shared my love of shoes with you this week by showing these beauties off and recommending some others to add to your collection HERE.

Finally, I posted my December Sentence a Day where I summarize how my month went by journaling one sentence about each day. This journaling method has really grown on me and I love to read about how my bloggy friends did each month, too! Mine ended with us ringing in the New Year with a bad cold. Boo! But at least my family was together and at least we were able to celebrate in our NEW HOUSE! Woot!


So, that’s my week all wrapped up. How was your week? Was it as crazy busy as mine? Hit me up in the comments and let’s get to know each other!


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