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A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never been a resolution kind of girl. I’m realistic with myself because I already know I have terrible follow through. But I was browsing Pinterest recently when I came across THIS PIN:



Doesn’t that look fun? And I thought this would be one I could see myself wanting to stick with. I love that it’s a 365 day challenge because if I miss a day, I just pick up again on whatever day it is. Or, since I already know I have terrible follow through, I could just pick and choose my favorite ones.

I found a couple other challenges that look do-able, like these 30 day challenges:


Pinterest Credit: 1|2|3


So, I think you can see that my main goal in 2018 is to dig myself out of this rut I’ve been in. My Dad wrote a song once, that said not to “let anybody steal away your joy.” And I think somewhere along the way, I let that happen. Blogging and Instagram-ing was a great way to reclaim some of that, but I’m thinking 2018 should be the year I jump all in to reclaim my joy!


So, Happy New Year to you all! I hope this is your best year yet! Are any of you like me, where you are terrible at keeping resolutions? If so, how do you set goals and keep them? I could definitely use some pointers! ha! Leave me some tips in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

  1. I repinned your pins. May not be able to all of the suggestions but always like challenges for food for thought if nothing more. My word this year is PEACE. I need to become less anxious and worried and more peaceful!!

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