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Christmas Mini Bucket List: Summary


I’m not usually a bucket list person, but I decided to join with a few blogger friends to create a Christmas Mini Bucket List and I’m so glad I did! We each chose 5 traditions we do every Christmas, or 5 things we’d like to start doing each Christmas for our mini lists. And I’m glad to say I was able to do every single one EXCEPT one. Boo!

1. First on my list were the chocolate advent calendars! I used to have them every year when I was a kid (well, in High School too!) and I wanted to pass the fun on to my children!


2. Next was a tradition I’d like to start doing every year, which is going to the courthouse to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony! Anyone in the community can host a tree and this year, my parent’s hosted one!


3. Elf on The Shelf is a tradition we’ve kept since they first began selling them! So this year, we had our Elves ALL OVER our shelves! ha! You can see what they did on my INSTAGRAM or check out my post: 10 Last-Minute Elf on The Shelf Ideas!


4. Christmas books are near and dear to my heart! I love to pull them out every year and I look for them on sale all year long. I wrote a post about our favorites HERE! (Spoiler: We love all of them!)


5. This year I wanted to make sure we continue the tradition of baking Great Grandma’s cookies since this is the first year she isn’t with us. But we had a crazy Christmas and decided to move into our new house at the same time. That one we never got around to because my kitchen is still destroyed. Boo!

Do you enjoy making bucket lists?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Mini Bucket List: Summary

  1. Those are great ideas! We love making hot cocoa on a cold night and driving around the city looking at all the lights while drinking our cocoa and listening to Christmas carols.

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