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Christmas Mini Bucket List: Christmas Trees at the Courthouse!

I never made official bucket lists until starting this blog, but I really love doing it! I always sort of had a vague idea of what I wanted to do each season/holiday, but never wrote it down until now!


One item on my list was to start a new tradition of going to the courthouse to see them light the Christmas trees they display there every year. Different groups can sponsor and decorate a tree there, and this year my parents did one!


I’ll bet you can’t guess what their favorite superhero is! ha!

We had a great time listening to a couple of performers before they lit the trees.



There were tons of beautiful trees. These were my favorites:


Never missing a chance for a selfie:


And, let’s just take a look at the Superman tree in the daytime, shall we?


Didn’t they do a great job? I’m pretty sure hubs’ company will be sponsoring one next year too! Guess I’m on a Christmas tree decorating committee now! ha!



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