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Fall Baking and My Fall Bucket List

Did anyone else make a bucket list? I joined up with a few ladies to make a Fall Bucket List this year and I’ve had a lot of fun doing these activities with the family. Here is my list:


One thing on my list was to have a fall baking day. I used to bake things all the time, and then my kids got older and our schedule got crazier so I don’t do it as often as I’d like. But my daughter has said over and over how much she’d like to be a chef when she grows up and that has renewed my interest as well!

First, my daughter helped make the rice crispy treats for Thanksgiving! (Read my post about it HERE)


Next, she wanted to bake these fun little Hello Kitty cookies from a kit we found at the store. This time I let her do every single thing herself! She was so excited and had a huge grin the entire time!



They were SOOO yummy and were gone in like three seconds! ha!

For her birthday, a friend got her a baking kit (some of it shown above), complete with the timer, oven mitt, mixing bowl and spoons, and a cake mix! So, naturally, she wanted to bake a cake! This is not a face I can say no to! ha!


So, while we didn’t get a Fall Baking Day like I had hoped, we managed to squeeze in some holiday baking into our hectic schedule!



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