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Christmas Party #ootd

This year, hubs took me with him on a trip out to California for his company’s annual Christmas party! I can’t even tell you how long (if ever) it’s been since I’ve been to a proper Christmas party. I decided to go simple with my outfit since they are all tech nerds and I doubted it would be that dressy.


Jumpsuit: Old Navy| Flats: Old Navy| Jewelry: Plunder (gift subscription)|Fringe Purse: Walmart (Similar)

It was held at a place called Tac OH! and the food was super classy and  yummy! (Forgot to get a picture of the main course! Boo!)





Then, to my surprise, the party was moved upstairs to a dance club with an open bar! It was crazy, and it was fun! I was able to catch up with an old friend whom I never get to see. All the quiet, reserved nerds shook their money makers and, though hubs refused to join the dancing, it was super fun!


But this jumpsuit was the perfect thing to wear for both stages of the party. I felt super classy during dinner, without having to worry about my dress flipping up or the top opening up. (These crazy things happen to me ALL THE TIME!) And then when it was time to get my boogie on, the jumpsuit wasn’t made of a hot material or one that I had to worry about getting my drink spilled on.


It was a GREAT night! If you’re looking for a party outfit that’s low-key and low-maintenance, then I highly recommend this!


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