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Christmas Mini Bucket List

Ah, Christmas. I just LOVE this time of year! I always keep a running list in my head of things I’d like to do before the season is out, but I’ve never officially made it a bucket list until now! I’m linking up with a bunch of ladies to bring you 5 activities or traditions to do this Christmas!


Chocolate Advent Calendars– I always got these little chocolate advent calendars when I was a kid, and I love getting them for the kids now!

Christmas Trees at the Court House– This will be a new tradition this year, where we will gather at the courthouse to see the trees lit up for the first time this season. Anyone in the community can sponsor a tree, and my parents did one this year! I can’t wait to see how it will turn out!

Elf on the Shelf– We started this tradition 5, 6, or 7 years ago and we are still going strong! I can’t wait to see what trouble our elves get into!

Christmas Books! I collect Christmas books (well, any book) like they are going out of style. I can’t wait to pull out the bin of books to read again this year! And I’ve added a couple new ones!

Great Grandma’s Cookies– This is our first year without Great Grandma, and I can’t wait to carry on the tradition of baking her Choco-dot cookies! They are YUMM-O!

What traditions do you carry out every Christmas? Feel free to link up with us at the link below! I can’t wait to see how you celebrate!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Mini Bucket List

  1. I hadn’t heard of Elf on the Shelf until this year – I think this could be their first year in Australia. Since then I’ve seen them in lots of places. My daughter is 19 & still has a chocolate advent calendar.


  2. I only heard about Elf on the Shelf last year I don’t think we have that in Australia. My daughter has bought my grandson a Chocolate advent calendar this year. He is 3.5 and has been counting down the ‘sleeps’ until he could open it and put up the tree. Thanks for suggesting the linkup it has been great!


  3. Jamie, thank you so much for asking about doing a Christmas bucket list. I am looking forward to reading how everyone does checking off the items on their lists. Bless your heart, moving in the middle of the holiday season. Hope it is a quick and easy ordeal…is there such a thing as a quick and easy move or ordeal??
    Will be eager to see your parents’ theme on their Court House tree. And your sweet great grandma’s cookies sound scrumptious.
    I am going to write a children’s Christmas book post. Wanna link up?

    Thank you again for the idea for this link up. Thank you for joining in on the bucket list posts.


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