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How to Move with Kids in Tow


Lord, I was so excited when we bought our new house! This place is going to be so great for us and I just cannot wait to get into it. Then the reality of packing and moving hit, and well…I gotta say it did dampen the excitement a bit.

But I got my head back in the game, and here are my top 5 tips for moving houses with kids in tow.


  1. Let (Make) Them Do as Much as Possible- Let’s face it, you’ll have to do 90% of the packing, amiright?? And just how important is it that little Johnny’s stuffed animals and books are packed just the right way? (It’s not) We all know they won’t be packing masters and some of the boxes will only by 2/3rds full. But I am MORE than willing to scrounge up a few extra boxes just so I won’t have to do it. Plus, I think it gives them pride and helps them be excited about the move too. (Just double check that little miss didn’t pack the cat by accident)
  2. Lower your Standards- This is basically my advice for many housekeeping issues. ha! Just ask my friends. They all have schedules and plans, and that just sounds exhausting to me. But here, you are getting ready to move an entire household’s worth of things, and people and people’s things into another home. Give yourself a break! And if all the Lego’s don’t end up in the same box, please don’t hyperventilate. I always say, why stress today the things you can stress tomorrow? (Yes, it will be chaos. It’s okay. Having kids is chaos anyway)
  3. Consider Thinning the Herd- No, NOT the kids. The THINGS. All the mass amounts of things. This is your chance to start anew in a new house. Do you really need three can openers, and those coffee mugs from your husband’s work from ten years ago? You can buy yourself another mug. I’ll buy you another mug as a housewarming gift. Seriously. DONATE as much as you can.
  4. Simplify Your Schedule- You gotta figure what is more important for you at this very moment. Little Johnny’s weekly playgroup can take a backseat while you pack and move your house. It’s going to be okay. Sunflower and her organically fed precious will meet you again next time. And please for the love of God don’t you dare have anybody over to your house during this time. You’re not immortal. You can’t possibly do all the things all the time.
  5. Ask for Help- Ask, ask ask. And don’t be afraid to ask. We can’t possibly do everything all the time. (see number 4) Those that ‘get you’ will come on over in the midst of the mess and dig right in. Those who will judge you won’t come help anyway. Instead of a play date (pawn the kids off) send the kids to a friends house for the night. Or to Grandma’s for the weekend. Everyone has moved at least one time in their lives and everyone should get it. (So, all my friends and family reading this should expect a call from me soon! ha!)

Oh, and don’t be afraid to dream! In the midst of the chaos when everything is up around your ears and you can’t see straight (so, basically a normal day), keep the dream alive about the new house. Keep looking at the pictures and dreaming about where you will put your furniture and how you will arrange your kitchen. I think that’s the funnest part of all!


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