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Gifts for Kids: S.T.E.M. Toys

I don’t know about you, but my kids have some pretty strong personalities. And with those personalities, come some pretty distinct interests. In my family, I have five children: The Programmer, The Engineer, The Gymnast, The Chef, and The Adventurer. Like their Nerdy Father (Gift Guide for him HERE) they are so hard to shop for!

So, I thought I’d put together a list of some S.T.E.M toys and other things that aren’t usually on kids’ lists! S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. There are so many more options for fun toys in these areas than ever before! I’m especially glad to see there are more options for girls in these areas! But I’m also throwing in my gymnasts’ top picks for Christmas because sports are important too.


Colorama Children’s Game -Learn colors and shapes! Ages 3 and up.

52 Piece Tegu Original Magnetic Wooden Block Set – They have these at our local library and my four year old ADORES them and will play for ages. These have been on my wishlist for him ever since.

LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit -My kids all love Legos and it would be awesome if they could make their own stop-motion movies with them!

LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit -This would be perfect for my little engineer who also loves Legos and would build with them all day if I let him.

6′ Tri-Fold Gym Mat For Gymnastics -My little gymnast is really hoping for some of these this year. I wonder if Santa can fit it in his bag?

9′ Folding Floor Balance Beam -My gymnast’s workout room wouldn’t be complete without one of these.

Automoblox Mini T900 Truck -We have a couple of these and they keep my four year old (and older ones) occupied during school time. It’s awesome!

STEM Magnet Building Block Tiles Set -I saw these and a kid’s birthday party once, and you wouldn’t believe what they could build with them! So. Much. Fun!

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit -Do you remember doing this in Science class as a kid? I just thought it was the greatest!

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit -We have this kit and the one for older kids and my children ALL love them! I loved it too until they wouldn’t turn off the birthday song and hid it in the house so I couldn’t find it. ha!

Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal  -Nothing wrong with letting them explore with a microscope! My kids love looking at samples of the pond from the next neighborhood over!


(Post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you! I’m super appreciative of you support to my family and my blog!)

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