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The Thinking Tree is on Sale!


It’s Black Friday weekend, and some of my favorite homeschooling books are on sale!

My favorite Mom-Schooling Journal is only 12$ this weekend! If you’re looking to see what Fun-Schooling is all about, this is the journal to get. It helps you wrap your mind around the concept through journal pages designed to get you thinking about what Fun-Schooling would look like in your home.


Are You a Math Genius? is on sale for less than 20$


United States Geography, History, and Social Studies Handbook is also on sale for 20$


Seven Amazing Continents is on sale for less than 20$

I did a review on this journal HERE


My oldest is currently using this journal: Spelling Time: Master 150+ Advanced Spelling Words and it’s on sale this weekend for 14.50$!


The Countdown to Christmas Journal is perfect for this time of year, and you can get it now just in time to use it this Christmas for only 8$!


Lastly, the Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal is on sale for less than 25$!


If you’ve been reading about this publisher and have been curious to try it, this is the time to do it! These prices are for this weekend only, and this is a small business as well. So when you buy these books, you help an actual family to pay their bills and to do charity work at the local orphanage. (They really do!) They are a great family and I highly recommend trying these books!

If you happen to try them out, let me know what you think and how you made them work for you!


(These are not affiliate links, I just really love these books! But if you’d like to sign up for Amazon Prime for a discounted price,feel free to use my referral link below at no extra cost to you! It really helps us out! Thank you!)

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