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Gifts That Give Back:

This time of year tends to put a warm fuzzy in most people’s hearts, and as they look for treasures to gift their loved ones, sometimes it makes this holiday a little sweeter by getting gifts that give back.

I recently came across this ad in People Style magazine for the most beautiful bags from


Isn’t that just a beautiful bag? Buying it feeds 100 children in need.  It’s made of  vegetable tanned leather that is supposed to be super soft and durable at the same time. And, I love that it has the logo on the bag so I can tell people about this company.


Harriet Tote Bag, Feeds 100 children

This next bag feeds 185 school meals to children. I know these prices are…pricey. But it got me thinking about how buying one new bag for the upcoming year could help others and (if I stuck to my resolution to buy only one new leather tote) this could save me money in the long run. If I told my husband I’d only spend 300$ all year, he’d probably pee himself. ha!


Annieversary FEED 1 Bag, provides 185 school meals

However, if you’re looking for more manageable gifts to give, this company covers that too. There are a bunch of super cute totes you could fill with something for a friend like these:


Woman On A Mission Tote, provides 10 school meals


Cultivate Kindness Tote, provides 10 school meals

And there are some super cute accessories such as this Leather Tassel which provides 10 meals:


This Jenny Cuff which provides 25 school meals:


Or these little beaded bracelets that provide 5 school meals:


These picks were my favorites, but there are so many great things on their site. There are even cute little onesies, graphic tees, and reusable shopping bags. Be sure to take a look!


(This post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way. I just really believe in this cause!)

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