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Fall Bucket List Update #2


You can read about my Fall Bucket List HERE and my first update HERE. But for quick reference, my bucket list is as follows:


So here are the items I’ve completed:

Pumpkin Carving Party


Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins


Fall Festival


Pokemon Go


Fall Decorating


We did have a nice Saturday breakfast as a family courtesy of my husband, but I didn’t get any pictures (it was before coffee) so now I’m completely bummed!

And here I thought I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to update you on about my Bucket List! Given that this is Thanksgiving week, and there’s only one more week of fall after that, I’d better get my rear in gear to finish the rest! Who else will be doing a fall bucket list cram?? (I see those hands.)

If you’ve got a Fall Bucket List and have been blogging about it or would like to, please join us at the link up below! These are a great group of ladies and I’ve been having so much fun getting to know them!


5 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List Update #2

  1. Hand raised for the fall bucket list cram. I have several items yet to finish.

    Love the family fun you and your gang enjoy. Bravo for getting your teens/tweens to participate in family activities. As my oldest daughter moved into middle school, I had trouble getting her to want to hike with us, shop with us. Tough times.

    I love the idea of sketching outdoors and bought a smallish sketch book for that very purpose but haven’t used it!! Think I will throw it in my purse to have handy when I find myself with a few minutes outdoors.


  2. Love your family photos – oh the memories they bring back. 🙂

    The pumpkin carving looked so fun, and I had to laugh in that I immediately looked at the floor to see if you’d covered it with plastic to catch the mess!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend, and your adorable family!


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