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My Latest Project: Oh Well

I feel like the longer I blog, the more details come out about myself. So here goes: Did you guys know that I play music? It’s something I’ve grown up around and I have the privilege of doing with my Dad. He claims I’ve been able to hold perfect pitch since I was five. ha! (He’s my biggest fan! lol)


Well, we just completed our latest project and our CDs are back from production!

The Classic Q Band: Oh Well

We worked really hard and this has taken about a year to produce from start to finish. (Bass players, man, amiright? HA! Totally kidding!) And I’m so proud of how well it came out!

The Track Listing:

  • Oh Well
  • Marshmallows
  • Vessel
  • For the Life of Me
  • I Wait
  • Fair Weather Friend
  • Tragedy
  • I Must Sing
  • Set Free
  • Fading
  • Bonus Track


We play originals in the style of Classic Rock with faith-based lyrics. Some of the songs are outright Christian, and some songs are just fun, happy songs.

This is available for download from:


Google Play

CD Baby

And also you can search for Quincy Follweiler (My Dad, the Songwriter and Lead Vocalist among very many things) on iTunes!


If you’re interested, hit the Amazon link (above) and you can hear some samples of our music. Or you can listen to us on Spotify! OR you can visit our YouTube Channel!

Head on over to our Reverb Nation site  to learn more about us and what we do. We sure love playing music and I hope you guys like what you hear!


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