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Grow Up, My Darling, and Change the World!

My daughter had a birthday this week. And while I was out shopping with my oldest son, I came across this card:


Without thinking, I yell out, “Damn straight! My girl can be anything she wants to be! Ain’t nobody gonna tell her different!”

To which my son replies, “Alright mom, you can stop protesting now!” Ha!

But honestly, there IS still room for improvement, isn’t there ladies? My mother’s generation fought for many of the things we are STILL dealing with. So, yes, I want her to continue to change her world as she grows up.

Read an excellent post HERE from LettieTom that pretty much sums up the sentiment. HOW are we still fighting the same issues in 2017?!

Back to the party…

So the theme for her party was Super Hero Girls and, specifically, Wonder Woman! She ADORES Wonder Woman! Kind of appropriate, no?



I kinda wish I’d taken more pictures of the decorations and snacks though, because I found a couple of super cute ideas on Pinterest!


Pinterest Credit: 1, 2, 3

The biggest hit by far, were the Super Hero masks I ordered from Amazon. All the kids loved picking out their masks! I wish you could have seen all the little kids running around. Such a fun party!

The following are some shopping links to some of the party supplies we used!

Ring Pops|Rock Candy Sticks|Super Hero Masks|Wonder Woman Rings| Wonder Woman Goody Bags|Wonder Woman Goody Bags| Bam! Wow! Signs


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