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Real Talk Wednesday


It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a Real Talk Wednesday! But I figured the week of the time change would be the perfect time. Because My. Kids. Are. Cray!

What is it about the time change that make kids act like deranged lunatics? And did I mention that we school at home?

On Monday, Math went a little something like this:

Me: What’s 11×7?

Child: (blank stare)

Me: Okay, 2×11 is 22. 3×11 is 33. 4×11 is 44. 7×11 is…?

Child: (panicked look on his face) 72!

And people wonder why I hit Starbucks so often! ha!

And then there’s the time I asked the kids to put their laundry away…


No word on where the laundry went because it’s NOT in their drawers and closets…

Oh, and did I mention I’ve been doing laundry for days? This is the current situation of my laundry room:



And while we were cleaning up this afternoon, I found my youngest’s Halloween candy bucket…but it had the leftovers of last night’s dinner dumped in there because he didn’t like it. I wondered why he “finished” dinner so quickly…(the candy was still in there! GROSS!)

Yes, I washed it first! ICK!

And this is only Wednesday! Lord, help  me and bring on the coffee! 😀


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