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October Sentence a Day


Hello again!

Have you heard of this neat way of journaling before? Writing one sentence about each day is a quick little way to keep track of my crazy, hectic life…when I remember to do it!

I’ve decided to try preserving Grandma’s funeral flowers with the hopes of making some kind of keepsake for the family. Blog post about it HERE


Today was our first day back to school after Grandma’s passing. How to get back to normal???

The Eagle Foundation came to our co-op today and we got to see some really neat birds up close and personal!


Woke up early to take my oldest to his Japanese class and found out it was fall break…AFTER we got there!

My middle son took his last Lego Robotics class today! He says he wants to grow up to be an Engineer!


I had my first go at preserving Grandma’s flowers using silica gel beads! See my blog post about it HERE!


Hubs took us to Chik Fil-A and McKay’s bookstore today! We had a blast picking out new books! We got 100$ of trade in credit too! Woot!

We decorated the house for Halloween! See my post about it HERE


We visited a new church together as a family! (This is rare!) I think we liked this one!

How our schooling went today… Me: “Ok, so if your mom gave you a present, and your dad gave you a present, how many do you have?”Ā  Child: “10!” OY!

My daughter landed a front flip off a springboard today at gymnastics!

With her Papa!

Coffee, Japanese class, Thinking Tree Journals, Kroger, Starbucks (in Kroger, how convenient!), more schooling at home…and then I finally succumbed to this darn head cold! (Latest post on Thinking Tree Journals HERE)

Took the girls to get their teeth cleaned and my youngest took his shoes off and rolled all over the floor in the waiting room. ha! (I can laugh about it now…sort of)

Took the kids to volunteer at a food bank today!

Had a birthday party for my hubs today and we went all out! We invited everyone to come over and play nerdy board games all day! He had the best day!

Hubs leaves for a week long business trip today. šŸ˜¦ It’s gonna be hard week.

Took the kids on a Starbucks/Target run this evening and next thing I know, we’re wandering the aisles throwing random items in the cart! Target, WHY?

Made our first batch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins! Posted the recipe HERE


My sister-in-law brought us dinner tonight! Homemade chili that I didn’t have to home make myself! Yum!

Found the kids jumping on a mattress in the backyard–so many questions…


Dad brought me a Starbucks and spent the morning hanging out with us!

Hubs comes home today! Time to clean up all the evidence of mayhem! ha!

We went to a fall festival tonight and it was so cold! But fun! I posted about it HERE

Doing the run around to get ready for Halloween!

Halloween was E.P.I.C. See post about it HERE


I’m linking up with a great group of ladies who also participate in Sentence a Day! Check them out below! And if you want to join us, feel free to link up with us!


4 thoughts on “October Sentence a Day

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma, it’s never easy. Your halloween costumes were fantastic! Happy birthday to your hubby, great way to celebrate šŸ™‚ Thanks for continuing to help make this link up a success! šŸ™‚


  2. So sorry to learn of the passing of your grandmother. Hope you are able to successfully preserve the flowers. I have never tried to preserve an entire arrangement but I have had good luck hanging bouquets upside down to dry. I always have a dried bouquet hanging out around the house. And my daughter’s wedding bouquet.

    The muffins look so good. I need to make some. Have used Bisquick and a yellow cake mix to make our pumpkin bread. Time to mix up a batch.

    Great photo of your kiddo trampolining on the mattress. Kind of scary, too! Looks like he could easily land on his noggin.

    Great Halloween costumes! Looks like everyone had great fun.


  3. I love reading about everyone’s month in this way. It’s the perfect way to get a glimpse into life on the other side of the world – although I can’t get my head around the way pumpkin is used in so many things. For us it’s roasted or turned into soup…and that’s pretty much it! Sympathy too re the passing of your grandmother.


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