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Grandma: The Fashionista #ootd

So, my husband’s Grandma has been gone about two weeks now. On Sunday, we went over to help go through her things, sort them out, and clean it all up. We’re going through her clothes when we come across a pretty nice jacket. My mother in Law tells me to try it on because it looks to be my size. I put it on and the heavens opened and I heard the fashion angels singing… Is this not the most FABULOUS coat??!!




I fell head over heels in love! Apparently, Grandma worked at Saks Fifth Avenue back in the day and was quite the fashionista! I think I love her even more! We figured that I happened to be just her size so I was able to keep a couple of comfy sweaters too. She loved to watch the leaves turn colors, so I’m excited to have a little something of hers to wear this season.

Twisted Tee: Nordstrom| Jean Leggings: Express| Leopard Mules: Amazon Fashion (under 20$!)

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