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My Latest Project: Preserving Flowers Part 2

I decided to try and preserve Grandma’s funeral flowers in order to make a keepsake for our family. See my blog post on it HERE.

The containers and silica gel beads came just in time because the flowers were beginning to wilt! (If I had thought about it, I probably could have bought some locally instead of waiting on Amazon.)

The instructions I saw HERE said to start with a thick layer on the bottom so I could stand the flowers up in it.

I stood some flowers up (cut the stems off first!) and gently put some silica inside to help maintain its shape. The instructions say if you put too much inside, the flowers could fall apart. I hope I did it right!


Then I covered the flowers up and put in another layer. I added about four layers in all with carnations, roses, leaves, and mums.



Meanwhile, my youngest played with my phone.


I covered up the last layer and secured the lid! Now I’m supposed to wait two weeks! I’m not sure if I can make it, to be honest. Ha!


Even if these don’t turn out, I’m hoping I can still use the petals. Either way, I have dried some others by hanging them upside down in a dark closet. Wish me luck!


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