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How to Shop


Boy do I love a good thrifting trip. But with all the kids it’s really hard to get out by myself to do it. And when I bring them, I end up buying a bunch of crap I didn’t need/want for the kids just so I can get out of there in one piece. ha! (I mean, WHYYYYY can’t she have the broken toy for a quarter…whhyyyyyyyyyy??!!! Times 5!)

I’ve taken to thrifting online (which I didn’t even know was a thing until Instagram) and snagging those deals from the comfort of my own home. My favorite place to get crazy deals is from Schoola works on donations with the proceeds benefiting school programs around the world. After you purchase, it even tells you how much from your order they will be sending and which program it will benefit! (I mean, if I MUST justify a shopping addiction, at lease I’m HELPING kids.)


The best ever boyfriend jeans from Schoola!

Shopping there takes some getting used to though, so here are my tips for successfully shopping at Schoola:

Zoom in on those photos

Every item is pictured from front and back. Zoom in on those photos, especially when the condition of the item is suspect. I also double check that buttons and zippers are the kind I need/want in that item. Sometimes the item seems great when you zoom in on that photo you can tell that the fabric is scratchy or faded etc.

Consider Vanity Sizing

Many companies have made their items larger overall than they were just a few years ago. When buying a thrifted item, I consider about what time this item was made so I can decide which size to buy. Some items I am a 10 and some I am a 14. And sometimes that’s within the same brand! Schoola provides bust, waist, and inseam measurements so check those closely too.

Shorts from Schoola!

Narrow Your Search Terms

The left menu bar has a detailed search options! You can search by size, brand, which piece you’re looking for (tops, bottoms, etc.), condition, price, color, and style. They really make it easy to find what you need.

Know Your Brands

It’s taken me a long longgggg time to figure out which brands make pieces that fit my body well. I buy mostly from those brands, unless there’s an irresistable item I can try on the cheap. You should also be aware of Junior’s vs. Women’s labels. Schoola does not delineate between the two. So a large in Junior’s is more like a small in Women’s. But on the website they would both be labeled simply as a large.

Short sleeve bomber from Schoola!

Wait for a Killer Coupon

Schoola is excellent for running great coupon campaigns! I recently used a coupon for 75% off of 75$!. That made some of my items 3$ each! Also, they have free shipping when you spend over 25$, which is not hard to do at ALL.

Don’t Give Up

Now, this was basically my fault, but I have received some doozies in some of my orders! Sizes I thought were in women’s was a junior’s and super teeny tiny. One time, I didn’t check the measurements and the condition of an item and it was really really worn. But 95% of the items I get are AMAZING used quality. Many still have tags on them. And many are like new. Just keep looking for good coupon codes and keep trying. Once you get the hang of it, you will score big every single order. Remember, this company works on DONATIONS, so be patient.

Denim Jacket from Schoola!

Refer Your Friends

When you refer your friends, you AND your friend each get a 10$ credit on your account. You get yours after they make their first purchase. Also, if you are new to Schoola, there is a 50% off your first order coupon code on their front splash page. That’s an incredible deal and makes it worth it to try something new!

It just so happens that I have a referral link (HERE!) and I would love to start you off with 10$ and 50% off of your first order. If you have any questions about how to order, please drop me a message. I’d love to help, even if you choose not to use my referral. (I’d love to shop vicariously through you! ha!)


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