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Real-Talk Wednesday- Goodbye to an Incredible Woman


This last week our family lost one of it’s most beloved members: my husband’s Grandmother.


She was sweet and sassy and kind and always ready for a laugh. She and I bonded over our shared love of chocolate and the fact that we were fellow (spunky) redheads.

Last Christmas we accidentally wore the same thing! ha!

She loved to talk about new recipes that she found in her senior magazine or that a Sunday School friend had shared with her. (And if they were chocolate, all the better!) Her last meal was a Snickers ice cream bar. ha! That is so Grandma.


She was all class and all sass and loved us all very much. I’m so glad she was our Grandma! She will be missed every single day.


I love you, Grandma! Enjoy those angel wings!



One thought on “Real-Talk Wednesday- Goodbye to an Incredible Woman

  1. She was awesome! I am so sorry for the people who loved her, for her friends, and for a world with less sparkle since she has gone home.


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