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My Latest Project: Preserving Flowers

After Grandma’s funeral last week, I thought it would be a shame to lose all those flowers that people bought for her. And there are many family members who traveled a long way to be there and so couldn’t take any home with them.

So my latest project has me searching Pinterest for the best ways to preserve flowers and what to do with them. I think I’ve settled on THIS idea I found for making Christmas ornaments.


Or what about  making a candle:


Or Shadow Box?


Aren’t those ideas just beautiful?  (Thank God for Pinterest!) But every time I’ve dried flowers, they DO NOT turn out like that! ha! So I found a pin with detailed instructions on How to Preserve Flowers with Silica Gel Beads. 


Apparently, preserving them this way keeps their color and shape better! (How have I never heard of this??!!) So, if all goes right, I’ll have some beautiful blooms to make something with!

What I bought:

ACTIVA Silica Gel for Flower Drying 5 Pound

Snapware 29 Cup Large Rectangle Storage Container With Handle

These are the flowers I’m hoping to preserve! Aren’t they beautiful? I’m told that carnations may have been Grandma’s favorite flower, so I’m especially interested to see how those turn out.




Wish me luck!


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