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September Sentence a Day


My month just sped on by. How about yours? This month ended (or, rather, October began) with our family losing a Grandma. We’re all taking it quite hard and navigating family dynamics through it all has been so hard. So, I didn’t get to finish very strongly with my Sentence a Day post. This month started out so great, too. Boo!

Just found out we have an 80$ library fine and the books are NOWHERE to be found!

Our first week of homeschool is in the can! Now, to really clean up the schoolroom so we can function better next week!

Ssssslllleeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp glorious sleep! zzz

Going on a double date with hubs and some work friends!

Today starts a really hard week, with hubs largely unavailable due to work things happening. COFFEE!

We hit the library and the kids rented some books for their Thinking Tree Journals. Can you tell what they’re interested in?

I managed to lock myself and the kids out of the house today…sigh…

Ever been so tired that you find everything hysterically funny? ha ha! (Me either! lol)

The husband comes home today from a week long conference thingy! (yes, that’s it’s official name)

Attended the bridal shower of a very good friend today. Nobody deserves happiness more than she does!

Was NOT ready for this week to start…C-O-F-F-E-E

Tuesday is the hardest day of my week every week. Here we go to the races!

Today my oldest met a boy who plays bass and now he’s been practicing his guitar in his room for a good hour. Do I hear a garage band in the making?

Next month, I’m going to try and get back to it and also add some pictures as I go! I hope you stay tuned! Also, if you participate in Sentence a Day, please add your link below!


4 thoughts on “September Sentence a Day

  1. We blinked and September was gone, and before that the whole summer. Hoping you can get your sentences scribbled this month. I am struggling but will keep after it.

    What is a thinking tree? And what are your babies researching. The librarian in me must know.

    And those fines. Hmmm, surely the library has an amnesty day? Hope so. And hope the books have been located.

    Would really enjoy pictures of your homeschooling. And more details. Maybe several October sentences just about that?


  2. Fun thing to do! I always enjoy reading these, though I’m very sorry about the loss of your grandma! My Gram was my best friend and I miss her dearly, so that is a loss I truly understand!


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