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Green and Leopard #ootd

Is there anything more suited to fall than olive green with leopard? But since the weather is reluctant this fall (and every fall in the south) I’m having to make due with summer pieces in fall colors.


This peplum top was a summer buy at Target and isn’t currently in stock but I found these cute fall equivalents!

Long Sleeve Peplum

Sleeveless Peplum

Floral Peplum

Olive Short Sleeve Peplum

Olive Short Sleeve Peplum  (almost identical)

These jeggings are a walmart special. ha! But these ADORABLE SUPER CUTE leopard slippers were recommended to me by an IG and blogger friend NineteenWindsor (and they are less than 20$!) For the price, the quality is awesome and it’s a great price to try out this trend!

How do you wear a peplum top? And have you tried out the slipper trend yet? Let me know in the comments!



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