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Bridal Shower #ootd

A good friend of mine is getting married! So when I received the invite for her bridal shower, I was pretty darned excited (and I started planning my outfit then and there! Does anyone else do this?!)!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with combining light (blush) pink with grey. It’s definitely not a new idea, but it’s new to me, and I feel like it adds a fall-ish feel to this otherwise summer-y dress.

HOWEVER. This fall weather isn’t cooperating and it’s been HOT. My brain keeps coming up with fall outfit ideas but the weather is basically trying to kill me. ha!

So I tried this two ways and really wanted to wear the blazer, but had to go with the short sleeve cardigan or else, you know, death. ha!


Everything here has been thrifted. (Don’t you love that?)

Dress- Old Navy (Thrifted at a friend’s instagram shop HERE)

Blazer- Loft (Thrifted on Poshmark_

Leopard Cardigan- Old Navy (Poshmark)

Flats- Old Navy (poshmark)

Necklace- Old school Claire’s (remember going to that store in the mall as a teen?)

My friend’s party was a blast and it was good to see her again and meet the groom. I can’t wait for her wedding in November. Speaking of…I wonder what I should wear?? ha!


One thought on “Bridal Shower #ootd

  1. Cute, cute, cute as always! Maybe if I started thrifting more often I’d feel less guilty about buying myself stuff and actually get some “new to me” clothes! I do love Poshmark…hmm, motivation! 🙂


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