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Fall Bucket List! 2017


Now that the fall season is here, my family and I want to do all the fall things! I always used to write a list of things we wanted to do, but I never knew it was called a bucket list until I saw it on Pinterest a few years back. Guess I was ahead of the game! ha! Well now that it’s here, my family has requested the following:

Pumpkin Carving Party– I haven’t been able to manage both a trip to the pumpkin patch and carving them once we get home. We have some really great pumpkin patches around here and by the time we get home, we’re all pooped! This year, I thought if nobody cared about the patch, we could grab a couple pumpkins and throw a really cool party with treats and baked pumpkin seeds while we carve!

Ride scooters in the park– because I meant to do more park trips this summer, but like always, it was like molten lava outside. Hopefully with the cooler weather we can get out more.

Rock hunting-Our little town does this thing where we paint rocks and hide them for the kids, elderly, and disabled to find. Sometimes an adult will come across one that encourages them so much they keep it too. We’re cool like that.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins! This is my favorite easy thing to bake every fall, but my heart just wasn’t into it last year (and maybe the year before?). I’ll have to share the recipe because it is ssssoooooo good!

Leaf/acorn/pinecone collecting– Fall is so beautiful around here! Maybe during one of our walks we could gather some pretty things to put in a sensory bin or an art project.

Picnic– My youngest daughter is always asking if we could have a picnic outside (at the very moment we don’t have any food! ha!) I know she’d love it if we just planned one and did it without her having to ask.

Rake the leaves and jump in them!– Our trees usually drop their leaves later than all the other trees in our neighborhood, but when they do drop the leaves it’s all at once! It’s kind of tradition that we spend a day or two playing in them before the rain makes them all nasty.

Fall Festival– The local festival that used to be held in our town isn’t happening anymore, so I hope that I can find something (tame) fun for the kids to do.

Parkour– My oldest takes a parkour class and he’s quite good at it! I thought it’d be fun to take him downtown to practice jumping around on the little nooks and crannies down there. Or we’ll end up in the hospital. Either way.

Pokemon Go! A few of my kids play this game and we’ve had some great adventures because of it! But when it got super hot out, things slowed down. I’m hoping to get out and about with them to play again.

Fall Decorating and a Scarecrow– I love to go all out for fall decorating, but we’ve never made a scarecrow! I’d love to try making one with the kids this year.

Chattanooga Aquarium– We’ve lived sort of close to this aquarium for years but have never been!

Blackberry Jam– My mom has the BEST blackberry jam recipe and I’d love to whip up a batch this fall!

Fun Breakfasts on Saturday– Wouldn’t it be fun to have a big family breakfast like once a month? Or maybe just once? ha! (note to self: never write a bucket list while hungry)

Reading/sketching Outside– Since we homeschool, why not do some of our reading outside? Or maybe head outside to do some sketching?

Have the kids cook something for Thanksgiving– I have a couple of kids interested in cooking, so I’m thinking I’ll let them whip up something special for the holiday.

Fall Baking Day– Since I’m hungry and thinking about food, I think I’d like to take a day to just bake things with my kids. I used to bake all kinds of breads with my bread machine and I’m thinking it’s time to fire that back up.

So! I’m gonna stop there because it’s making me hungry and I’m not sure I’d be able to get to all this if I added any more. ha!

I’m joining a group of ladies in a Fall Bucket List Link up and if you’d like to join us, please add your link below!

18 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List! 2017

  1. We are planning Beef Jerky and Apple Butter. We will decorate everything of course. We are planning our Halloween Yard decorations since they tend to be <cough< elaborate? Think "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" with a good old fashioned Follweiler twist – LOL
    As usual, everyone one is invited to come out and trick or treat. We usually have several families show up for a few selfies/photos – which we love!


  2. So glad you are joining us with your terrific list. The thought of blackberry jam made my mouth water. I just planted two blackberry bushes this morning that my daughter brought me from her yard in Albuquerque. Her bushes bore the juiciest, sweetest fruit. Hopeful that mine will take off before the chilly temps set in.

    Pumpkin carving was always a good time at our house when the girls were little. I miss doing that kind of thing. I tried to persuade my PC to let me add a trip to the pumpkin maze to my bucket list but he put his foot down. Maybe I can approach him about carving punkies at least.

    Good for you to get back to bread baking. I had a bread machine once upon a time but the bread I make with my family’s yeast starter didn’t work well in the machine. Nothing smells better than freshly baked bread.

    Anxious to follow along on your progress. Thank you for joining our fun.


  3. I haven’t been to the Chattanooga Aquarium in ages! We’re in Middle Tennessee, so we’re a couple of hours away, but I think it will be so fun to go when our daughter is a little older! And please share that recipe. Those muffins sound so good! (I shouldn’t read blogs at midnight when I’m hungry…)


  4. I love this list, Jamie, especially since many of the items focus on simple family pleasures. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning big projects, we forget that life is made up of all the little moments strung together. Happy Fall!


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  5. As I’ve been reading these Fall posts I’ve been smiling at the pumpkin theme. It’s Spring here in Australia & even in our Autumn pumpkin isn’t really much of a thing – & even then we use it as a vegetable, or in a salad, soup or other savoury dish. I would, however, love to try the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Have a wonderful Fall.

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  6. Ooh the pumpkin carving party sounds like fun! I love all things fall/Halloween. I keep wanting to have a picnic, so I might need to squeeze that in when it’s not too cold!! I have a lot of great parks near me.

    People paint and leave out rocks a lot around where I live too. I haven’t gone searching, but a friend of mine who paints SO well leaves them out in parks, etc.



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