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Real-Talk Wednesday

Welcome to another Real-Talk Wednesday! Or, as I’m calling it today, All the Crazy Stuff my 4 Year old Does…Wednesday! ha! ha! Not quite as catchy, though!


So here we go!

Things my 4 year old did this week:

  • Ran with the large(sharp!) kitchen scissors
  • Tore toy packaging into tiny bits and tried to flush it down the toilet (it didn’t go down)
  • Chased sister around the yard with a foam Legend of Zelda replica sword
  • Face planted into the side of a trampoline and busted his lips (top and bottom)
  • Stuffed up the drain on a water fountain at church and decided to splash in the water
  • Stole an orange (or several) and left all the peels in my bathroom (WHY does he need oranges in the bathroom?!)
  • Gave me ONE glitter of hope by going #2 on the potty…just once…and not once since then
  • Ran out the front door while I was in the bathroom and was playing in our driveway until I realized (from the bathroom) that it was suddenly WAY too quiet out there
  • Made mud pies with his sister…and I think he actually ate some
  • Sang the ABC song in his carseat while we drove to class
  • Whipered in my ear “I love you with all my heart”

So, it wasn’t all bad but it was all crazy! The mom life is not for sissies, folks!


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