Real-Talk Wednesday · Sharing My Heart

Real-Talk Wednesday

Hello! Welcome to my new series called Real-Talk Wednesday!


I want to keep it real with you and not just show you the fun outfits I’ve been wearing. Because SO.MUCH life happens over here, I thought it’d be fun (therapeutic) to talk about how it all goes down; the good, bad, and the straight up CRAY. You in? Okay!

So today, this happened…

“It’s never a good sign when my son has been in the bathroom a loooonnngggg time when suddenly you hear him vigorously plunging the toilet.”

Ha! So when this happened I texted my Dad and we both had a great laugh because this is SO MY SON. If only you knew! This is the same kid who has to strip completely naked to use the bathroom. EVEN IN PUBLIC BATHROOMS! ha! ha! So you can just imagine the scene today. Let’s just say Lysol was involved.




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