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My Rock Bottom: The Turkey Poop Pants

You know how life can feel like a train running downhill? Or, as I like to put it, life smacks you on the back of the head on the way by! Ha! So having kids is a lot like that. You start with one, and next thing you know, you’ve got five and you don’t know when you last washed your pants! (Or is it just me?)

Dont get me wrong, I adore my children. It’s just that sometimes you look up and catch your reflection in a window and realize you never take care of yourself anymore.

Take the turkey poop pants as an example. Yes, I said POOP!

Back in 2011, I was a peppy mom of four and all of them eight years old and under. I was in full on “trying to be mommy of the year” mode. Not knocking it, it’s just that I was ALL IN when it came to my kids. We homeschooled, we gardened, I made bento boxes for lunch, and all the homemade cookies, and sang songs, and did all the projects, and all the field trips, and all the play dates, and all the co-op classes and all the leadership positions at church and…it.was.exhausting!

I completely wore myself out to the point where I just never took care of myself. I had a series of four or five tee shirts I would wear over and over, some velour lounge pants, and like two pairs of jeans. And forget about getting a haircut!

One day, I took my kids to a friends’ house who owned a few farm animals. We had a GREAT time playing with and feeding the animals!

I mean, HOW CUTE is this??!!

Ironically, this was before my health started acting finicky so I’m still looking pretty good here. Like what? I hadn’t run myself quite into the dirt yet. Oh, but I was headed there!

After I went home that night, I saw that I had been bombed by one of the turkeys while I was there. I changed into jammies and didn’t think about it again.

Until two days later, I’m out with the family somewhere and my husband says, “WHAT the heck is that on your pants?!” Yeeaahhhh, it was turkey poop. Ladies, I wore POOP on my pants for two DAYSSssssss. Let that sink in…pooooopp for daayyyssssss!

It was the first jolt of reality for me that I maybe, just maybe, ought to re-learn how to take a little time out for myself. You know, WASH (scour, bleach, burn) those jeans or even (gasp) get a haircut! Still, it took having another baby and my body pretty much trying to give up on itself  for me to realize that I NEED to slow down.

I still love to do all the things with and for my kids! But I’m a little better at creating a balance for myself… (my mom and dad are totally laughing right now) well, at least I’m aware of the problem, anyway, and am TRYING again. And I think that’s a great first step!


3 thoughts on “My Rock Bottom: The Turkey Poop Pants

  1. Oh Jamie, you made me laugh! As a fellow mom of 5, I soooo get it! I’ve had my kids in Christian school, homeschooled, and the last one did two years of public school. I was a single mom of 4 some of those years, stayed home some, and worked at the church for awhile! The chaos is real! I’m glad you found some balance and can laugh, and make us laugh, now!


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