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No Delusions of Grandeur

Hey ladies!

I wanted to explain to you more about this blog that I started the beginning of August. I super duper appreciate your support during my start up, and your patience while I continue to figure out this whole blogging thing.

So, why did I call this blog, No Delusions of Grandeur?

First, let me tell you a bit how I started doing the whole “fashion” thing. I’ve had my instagram account for a long time but it was a private account where I shared photos of my kids to only my friends and family.

Then I came across a couple fashion accounts and thought how cute everyone always looked but never thought I could get my act together since life was crazy and I was still busy having kids. But after awhile, I hit a couple low points and started looking closer at these instagram accounts and saw they were participating in clothing challenges to help them get dressed every day.

These clothing challenges ranged from monthly challenges to daily challenges where the hosts would choose a theme or create a challenge calendar where participants are supposed to try a new thing each week or each day.

I picked one or two of the challenges that I thought I could participate in, and gave it a try; posting pictures of my outfits on instagram and linking up with the community. Well, one challenge turned into many, and now I try and participate in as many as I can because it’s so incredibly fun! Plus, the ladies are SO supportive!

If you’re interested in joining a fashion challenge, there are many to choose from! Go ahead and try starting with PinsterSisters , DelishStyleChallenge , or PrimaryStyleChallenge! I promise, once you start you won’t want to stop!

A funny thing happened once I started doing the style challenges. My friends and family started saying how cute I looked! I forgot how good that felt! People started asking where I was getting my ideas on how to dress! They even asked where they could get what I was wearing. So… I thought, why not start a blog so I could write a little more about what I’m wearing and share the sales I’m finding!

So, back to how I named the blog. On instagram, there are many, many incredible ladies that I get inspired by every day. I have learned so much! But I know I am NOT an expert, and I’m not trying to be one! I think that No Delusions of Grandeur expresses that I am an ordinary gal just trying new things that I want to share with you. Plus, I just really love Star Wars and Han Solo’s line at the beginning of Return of The Jedi:

“Jeez, I’m out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur!”

Ha! So, that’s really why I’m here. I’m still learning and trying new things but I hope I have something valuable to share and you’ll stick around to get to know me a little bit. Please check out my About Me page to learn a little bit more. If nothing else, this is a fun passion project, am I right?

Love Always, Jamie

3 thoughts on “No Delusions of Grandeur

  1. I think it’s cute and perfectly describes how most people probably feel when starting something like this…”but what do I know??”, “I’m no expert!”, “Who would want to listen to me??”. Ha! I get it completely! 😁


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