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Back to School Fall Transition #ootd

Today was our first day back to school! Hurray??? Ha! It’s really real that summer is over and it’s time to adult! I mean, who wouldn’t miss this:


But I am looking forward to getting back in a routine and I love teaching my kids…most of the time (and under the influence of Starbucks)! Ha!

Gee, I don’t look excited, though!

There are about as many types of homeschoolers as there are people and I used to be the kind that stays in pyjamas all day and boy, was it glorious! But my kids now have all sorts of activities outside the home, and if I don’t get dressed first thing, I don’t end up getting much done before we have to leave again.


But I really love this outfit! It’s another easy combo, leggings+tunic with the added structure of this blazer! It’s so easy to recreate and these pieces can be worn so many ways!


But! This blazer is made of sweatshirt material and it’s sssooo comfy! I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and I’m secretly glad it’s fall so I can finally wear it! sshh!) It’s back in stock and you can get it for 35$ now! HERE

The leggings/jeggings are from Walmart, the tunic was thrifted, and these Converse ballet flats were from Nordstrom Rack!

Happy Back-to-Schooling!

2 thoughts on “Back to School Fall Transition #ootd

  1. Congrats on making it through your first day! Can’t believe after 25 years I have NO ONE in school for the first time…well, except me! Weird!
    Your outfit is adorable! Such a great color on you! I’ve never been to a Nordstrom’s! Are we fashionistas even allowed to say that?! There are none within even an hour of me.😭 Maybe someday….


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