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Dupe Alert! Kristin Cavallari Capri Mules


I love it when I spot a great deal!! I was shopping the Labor Day sales when I came across these Capri Mules by Kristin Cavallari (not on sale! Boo!) for a 120$! Ouch! Nevertheless, they call to me:


However, it’s just not realistic for me to pay that for one pair of ANY kind of shoe. So, I just happened to be browsing TJMaxx a little later, when I spotted these UNISA Open Back Mule Flats for 30$! Now that’s my kind of bargain!


The only differences I see: the color is slightly different, the upper doesn’t go back as far, mmaayybbee the toe isn’t as pointy, and the price.  But ladies, this is pretty darned close! This is a great price to try out the trend without having to invest too much.

The links to buy:

Capri Mules

Open Back Mule Flats

Happy Shopping!

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