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5 Ways to Style a Band Tee

If you’ve followed my Instagram for long, you know that I love me some band tees! I’ve got quite a collection going, and over time I’ve found a bunch of ways to wear them! All my tees are Classic Rock, but these ideas would work with just about any graphic tee!


1. Music Festival 

The first way I love to Style a Band Tee is with florals and fringe! This kimono adds both in one shot, and with the addition of fringe wedge sandals, the outfit comes together with a music festival vibe:


2. Rock Concert

I love to wear a Band Tee with a bit of edge, and a faux leather moto-jacket adds just the right amount. I paired this with black distressed skinnies and a patterned shoe that pulls a color from the jacket. This ties the look together with a nice little bow:


3. Cool Mom

I call this a cool mom look simply because when I wore it I felt so cool. Ha! Is that lame?? I love to wear a Band Tee like this when weather is unpredictable. I can wear the flannel under the jacket, or switch the look around and tie the jacket around my waist instead:


4. Bohemian

I love to wear Band tees with a long, flowy skirt and hippie accessories to achieve a bohemian look. For this outfit I went all monochrome with a long pleated skirt and let the accessories do the talking:


5. Casual Friday

So I don’t work outside the home, but many of my friends do, and their employers will often allow them to dress down one day a week. I’m sure you’d have to be careful about how hard you pushed the dress code at work, so maybe choose a much more subtle tee than I did. Ha! (Nobody ever said I was subtle!) Pair it with dark wash jeans, a blazer, and professional shoes to achieve this look:


I hope you’ve enjoyed my styling tips! I am by no means an expert and am still learning myself. If you’ve got a cool styling idea you’d like to share, please comment below! I’d love to learn more!

Happy Styling!

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