My Go-To Momiform and The Rule of Three

How many of you have had crazy days this week already, and it’s only Wednesday? I sure have and I’ve found less and less time this week to really play with my clothes which kind of bums me out. But it’s made me come back to one of the very first things I learned when I started doing style challenges on Instagram: The Rule of Three.

The idea is to build your outfits around three pieces, not including shoes or bags. Your pant/shorts/skirt is the first piece, and your top is the second. But by adding that third piece, you end up elevating your outfit with a little extra something that makes it stand out.

Pieces to add include:


•jean jacket or vest

•utility vest or jacket

•puffer vest or coat

•statement jewelry

•scarf with a pop of color

•kimono or wrap

•blanket scarf

•cardigan or sweater

•trench coat or trench vest

The list really could go on and on. But back on the topic of my crazy week, I’ve been forced to fall back on this beautifully simple concept to re-create what has become my momiform (mom+uniform) for busy days/weeks/seasons of life.

This first outfit is a simple jean shorts+striped tunic tee combo with the added kimono that adds interest and a different pattern to mix with the stripes.

Simple, but fun!

This second outfit also uses the rule of three, but with a tshirt+leggings combo with the added fedora that kind of makes the outfit unique (and takes me out of my comfort zone because I always think I look weird in hats! Ha!)  Then I added a leopard print with my favorite crocs flats. And the dress has POCKETS!

This was WAY comfy!

What’s easier than jean shorts or a tshirt dress when short on time (or patience!) (or sleep!) (or coffee!) (or…)? You get the idea!

To read more about the rule of three, check out:

Who What Wear Blog


Little J Style Blog (she worked at Nordstrom and the stylists there use this rule!)

Downtown Demure (with before and after pics!)

What do you rely on to get dressed (and feel put together) when life gets crazy? Hit me up in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My Go-To Momiform and The Rule of Three

  1. Crazy weeks must be going around! Mine don’t seem to want to go away! Haha! Momiform! I love that! Cute looks! I think a lot of us started using the Rule of Three! Its a great foundation. Later I took a class from Janeane Pittman and used her formula, which I still keep taped inside my closet door. Now, that I’m going to school to get my stylist certification, I sometimes feel like clothes are ALL I ever think about! Good thing I like them so much!😜


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