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Five Under 25$


I’ve been coming across some really reasonably priced fall items lately, so I rounded up five of my favorites to share with you! I just realized it’s the 25th too! Wwhhaaattttt?

(These are not affiliate links. Just sharing some cute pieces with you!)

1. Metallic Mules

There are some reeeeeeeeally cute metallic mules at Nordstrom (HERE) but they are almost 90$! (Eeep!) An Instagram friend linked to these ones from TJMaxx for 17$! Would these not look super cute with some skinnies and a chunky sweater?! They also come in rose gold!


2. Long-sleeve Tunic Tee

I bought this in like four colors during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but the price never went up after! These are ssoo comfy and drape beautifully. And they come down just far enough to cover your bum so you can wear them with leggings or jeggings. They are only 19$ and come in six colors! HERE


3. Blanket Scarves

These are about to be seen everywhere once the weather starts cooling down. I like to wear mine as a shawl when I want to cozy up.  Old Navy has them in six cute patterns for 23$! HERE


4. Everyday Leggings

I’m about to start living in these once the weather cools down. (Okay, so I’ve already been living in them. Who doesn’t?!) Old Navy has some new patterns out and they are only 13$ wwhhaaattttttt?? Ladies, that’s the same price for leggings at Walmart! Getchu some HERE


5. Kendra Inspired Earrings

I kept trying to order Kendra earrings during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but they kept going out of stock and now they are 60$! Boo! I found these at Kiwi and Ellie for 15$! They aren’t exact but they are pretty darned close! Rose Gold And Gold


Come to think of it, you could totally put a complete  outfit together using these pieces if you took a look at all the options and coordinated them together!

Let me know in the comments how you would wear these!

Happy shopping, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Five Under 25$

  1. Not sure how you discovered my blog but glad you did, and happy that you left a comment so I could reciprocate! What great pieces/prices. I have wanted a blanket scarf forever. Heading over to ON online in just a sec to check them out. And payday is around the corner. YES!!

    We do a couple of post link-ups for different series. One is Sentence a Day, where we write one sentence a day (kind of like a mini journal entry) and then publish our daily entries on the first Thursday of the month. Great group of gals.

    We also do a bucket list series. We come up with a list of activities, goals, projects, etc., etc., and then spend several months trying to accomplish the items on the list. It’s fun! We will publish our autumn list on 9/21.

    If you are interested in either or both, please drop me a line at
    Thank you for this great list of fall pieces.
    Off to ON!!


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