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Family Vacation (not so) Capsule Wardrobe


Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? Search Pinterest and they are all over for every season and occasion! A couple months back, I tried my very first capsule for a trip I took with hubs to Ottawa, Canada. It was great! Aside from getting a *teeny bit bored of the pieces towards the end, it was a great success! (Pics are on Instagram if you’re interested!)

In a capsule wardrobe, you chose a limited number of pieces that all mix and match together so you can get multiple outfits and multiple uses of each piece! If you can wrap your mind around it enough to limit your pieces ( Im not so good at that), it decreases the amount of things you have to pack and you end up using everything in your suitcase.  Add in a couple of shoes and accessories that work with everything in your capsule, and you can make outfits seem unique while still reusing the same pieces during your trip.

Some people do this with all of their clothes at home!! Guys, I am just not that strong! Ha!

So! Why am I packing?! Hubs surprised me with a family beach vacation for my birthday! (Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!) I ADORE the beach! We are going to the same place hubs and I went last year for our 15th anniversary, except he rented us a place with extra rooms for the kids. SO EXCITED!!

We had the best time last year!

I basically spent all day packing yesterday, (and the kids were ZERO help! So frustrating!) but tried to take a few pics of the possible outfits I could make!

Please excuse the messy background!



Here are the two coverups I’m bringing along As you can see, the sweater can double up as an outfit. I also plan to use the other one as a kimono!


I didn’t include anything dressy or fancy because kids. And, because I was bored with the primarily navy capsule wardrobe last time, I tried to put in as many colors and patterns as I could.  (I couldn’t stop adding more!) And you just can’t go wrong with a Wonder Woman graphic tee!

I will not guarantee this is how it’s all gonna go down because we all know things get real on family vacations! Haha!

Wish me luck!

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